It is imperative to pay more attention to your vehicle’s exterior during the winter and spring seasons due to uncontrollable environmental factors and other elements such as salt and pollen. This attention to the vehicle’s bodywork, by ensuring the exterior is kept clean and dirt free will ensure longevity of the paintwork and will also maintain the overall aesthetic condition of the vehicle. Depending on the weather, one obvious method of ensuring this would be to wash your vehicle more frequently.


Although, we would always recommend you wash your vehicle professionally from a reputable company. If you do decide to wash your vehicle yourself, it is imperative to ensure that equal attention is given to removing dirt in less obvious places such as wheel arches and the lower part of the bodywork. It is worth remembering that your vehicle should not only be cleaned to look pleasing but also to ensure the bodywork is kept ‘healthy’.


If you are washing your vehicle yourself, always ensure you use specialised washing mitts that are made up of tiny micro fibres that are non-abrasive to the paintwork. Failure to do this or by using sponges will leave non visible scratches and repetitive usage will result in the removal of the shiny upper layer of paint from the bodywork.